Why Work with Me?


I am a talented writer with an unending curiosity and natural ability to make connections to a bigger picture. 

I am a Trained Journalist

I've been in communications since before I even had my driver's license. At 15, I worked for my small hometown newspaper. I had to ask my dad for a ride to my assignments and got paid $1 a column inch. I continued down the journalism path at the world-renowned University of Missouri School of Journalism. 

I spent several years as a journalist, covering health, education, and religion beats. I won awards for reporting and writing from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Missouri Associated Press Managing Editors. As a reporter, accuracy and thoroughness are vital. So is curiosity and the ability to tell an interesting story. And for me, it's always been about telling a strong story.

This background means I am a pro at conducting research and interviews, resulting in compelling case studies and other content

I Speak Business and Retail

I was a senior communications manager for Walmart, the world's largest retailer, working for 14 years telling stories from across the enterprise for 1 million employees in 5,000 stores. I've also worked in technology communications for both Walmart and Tyson Foods, Inc. 

For the Walmart employee magazine, I researched and wrote articles ranging from eCommerce to the history of the company's advertising. In Corporate Affairs, I developed a press release program for new store managers that led to more than 800 articles in newspapers across the country. I also developed a corporate page for a new intranet, wrote about the company's vast sustainability efforts, and created a monthly Q&A column for the then-CEO, Lee Scott.

I have developed strategic communication plans and written talking points for store managers and communications for HR strategy, store operations, and technology. I love delving into something new, forging relationships, understanding a new topic and translating it into something relevant to the right audience.   

What Does This Mean for You? It means I: 

  • Meet deadlines
  • Conduct good interviews
  • Know what's newsworthy (or what's important to a specific audience)
  • Know Corporate America
  • Write engaging stories
  • Am curious
  • Am passionate
  • Bring lots of ideas

I'd love to hear about your project and how I can help. Brainstorming is fun! You can read what others say about working with me here. I hope to hear from you!


Let's Talk!

Amy is one of the most conscientious communicators I've known. 

She is a strong and urgent writer who carefully considers 

her audiences and the goals of her communications. Her work 

elevated the voice of those she wrote for -- including the 

CEO of Walmart -- providing clarity, compassion and enthusiasm. 

John Simley, Director Corporate Communications at Honeywell UOP 

Amy is an excellent thinker and communications strategist, 

as well an extremely talented writer. She is a trusted counselor 

who has managed several critical projects ranging from change 

management to the development of communications vehicles. 

Marisa Bluestone, Senior Director of Communications, 

Association of Amemrican Publishers